Access to the Right People

We believe that the best relationships are based on integrity and capable people. At CBP, our goal is not to simply provide staffing, but to employ the most technically qualified people to support the long term development of our clients’ resources. Whether our clients require contract or permanent staff, management or technical skills, we support these needs with our own people or by finding permanent staff.

Our Principals share over four decades of experience in the pension industry, with direct knowledge of the vendors, the technology and the individuals in the market who can best augment our clients’ own resources. We often work with independent technology, operations and fiduciary experts to provide a blended solution in cases where this is most appropriate. In short, our goal is to call upon our own expertise and that of others in the industry to design and deliver long term solutions to our clients. We seek to find the most practical, highest quality and most cost effective means available to solve immediate problems and develop long term capabilities.

In short, our goal is to deliver long term solutions to our clients.

Focus on Relationships

At CBP, we know that we are dealing with the life savings of our clients’ members. We and our clients operate in an industry where performance standards are high and where the fiduciary responsibility of all involved must be at all times in the forefront of what we do. For this reason, long term relationships are the focus on everything we do at CBP. We value these relationships with our employees, with our clients and with our counterparties.

Employing the best people means we offer challenge and competitive compensation, but it also requires a clear vision and execution of the highest standard of performance. Whether we are advising our clients, providing contractors, temporary staff or full time management, or offering outsourced solutions, we seek to provide not only good people but also good process, technology and business disciplines that will make our people and their functional roles successful. Our relationships are built on this blending of good people, good process and technology and high fiduciary standards. It is this foundation on which we build our relationships.

The foundation for our success is our people; industry-expert strategists, managers, analysts, testers, trainers and functional subject matter experts.

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